"Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment." 

cit. Lao Tzu (老子)


For many years, our firm is specialized in the resolution of civil and criminal litigations and to provide research for innovative legal solutions to clients. Established by Avv. Franco Arcaleni, we are a traditional firm in an intimate environment, opening to the contemporaneous evolutions, interpreting the needs of our clients.

We act mainly in central Italy.

Our office is located downtown of Città di Castello. A flourishing industrial town placed in the north of our Region and the renaissance pearl of medieval Umbria.



Every member of our team expertises in different areas of law providing the better solutions needed for the client. Furthermore, our firm is able to provide a customised International service.

From a European perspective, we are able to speak fluent in legal Spanish and English. The union between languages and our expertise in individuals and business contracts, provide a particular service in our field.

Our prospects of development, together with our origins allow us to create an interaction not only constricted in the national borders. 

Our goal is to understand the requirements and the needs of the client and to ensure they are getting the full satisfaction of his/her requests.



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